Adrenalin - Reef Tech Fins

NZ$44.00 NZ$22.00

The reef tech fins conform with all the requirements of the Surf Life Saving New Zealand Pool Champs and have been given the thumbs up by our local surf coach. Soft Thermo Rubber For Super ComfortRigid plastic inserts combine to give maximum thrust...

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Finis - Foil Monofin

NZ$97.50 NZ$59.00

The Foil Monofin teaches the Foil Body Motion developed and made popular by Coach Bob Gillett. Using the Foil Body Motion a swimmer can use the entire body to create a powerful and undulating dolphin kick through the water. The Foil Monofin promotes an...

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Finis - Shooter Monofin Size XL

NZ$299.00 NZ$189.00

With a short and stiff fiberglass blade, the Shooter Monofin is ideal for competitive swimmers who want to develop a quick and powerful butterfly kick, while improving flexibility in the feet and ankles. Swimmers can simulate race pace kicking and tempo,...

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Land & Sea - Porpoise Fins

NZ$40.00 NZ$20.00

Computer designed technology.Flowing wave shape adds amazing strength in a lightweight, extremely comfortable fit.From the manufacturers of Redback Surf Fins.Great for young pool champ swimmers

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