Kids 0-5 yrs


Funky Trunks

FunkyTrunks - Paintballs Trunk Toddler Boys


Classic Funky Trunk with flat elastic waistband. Drawstring and lined front panel. Embroidered logo on back. Made from C-Infinity, a colour intense chlorine resistant Polyester exclusive to Funkita and Funky Trunks. Designed to dominate in paintball,...

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Arena - KG Monster One Piece Serigraphy Kids

NZ$40.00 NZ$24.00

Arena's Waterfeel Plus Fabric: new stretch fabric designed to provide a superior chlorine resistance, for longer lasting fit, comfort and shape retention when commpared to traditional spandex/elastane fabrics. It has superior quality consistency and...

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Funky Trunks

FunkyTrunks - Mr Bitey -Trunks Toddler Boys


Classic Funky Trunk with flat elastic waistband, drawstring and lined front panel. Made from C-Infinity. C-Infinity is a polyester fabric that is used exclusively in Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear: - It has exceptional strength and can retain its...

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Funky Trunks

FunkyTrunks - Ocean Sand Trunk Toddler Boys

NZ$37.50 NZ$29.00

Design inspired by recently discovered Picasso's childhood artwork. With bright, vibrant shades overset with an artist’s white grid, the Ocean Sand is an explosion of colour, with a stroke of genius! For ages 1 to 6 years it is styled in ultra...

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