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GU - Energy Gel - Tri Berry - 1.1oz/32g


Created for daily training and competition, GU Energy Gel packs energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands of any duration or activity. The 100-calorie packet contains carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use...

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Adrenalin - Short John 3/2


Endless cross sports applications in a short suit. The perfect combination of added warmth and flexibility from the super soft neoprene. Sleeveless upper body styling allows the shoulders and arms to move without restriction, while the smooth skin chest...

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Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere - Kaiman Mirror Goggle - Black

NZ$59.00 NZ$39.90

The original curved lens goggle. Following the successful launch of the Seal swim mask, Aqua Sphere applied its patented curved lens technology to a swim goggle, for the first time bringing 180-degree vision to traditional swim goggles. In addition, the...

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Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere - Kayenne Mirror Goggle - Black/Lime


With its unique, oversized lens design, the Kayenne combines expanded 4-point vision with superior hydrodynamics thanks to its low-profile micro-frame. This combination makes the Kayenne a perfect choice for a competition, whether in a pool or open water...

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Arena - Instant Anti Fog - Spray & Swim


Instant anti-fog. Spray and swim. Reactivates your goggles anti-fog coating. Quicker, more effective and practical than the traditional anti-fog sprays. New revolutionary formula that delivers an extraordinary clarity of vision. Spray onto the lenses...

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Arena - Viper Goggles-Smoke/Acid Lime/Black

NZ$40.00 NZ$34.90

The Viper goggles from Arena are designed for triathletes and openwater swimmers. The wide polycarbonate lens give great pheripheral vision. The goggles have a soft durable silicone seal. The straps are easy to adjust whilst you are wearing the goggle...

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Arena - X-Sight 2 Goggles - Clear/Red


The X-Sight Goggles from Arena are designed for triathletes and openwater swimmers. The wide curved lens gives you a panoramic view, excellent for open water swimming or triathlon. The lenses have an anti-fog coating and protect against harmful UV Rays...

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