NZ Junior Festival 2020

Posted by Lauren Harrod on 16th Mar 2020

NZ Junior Festival 2020

The last time I was at West Wave pool competing, was waaaaaay back in 1994 as a youthful and ever hopeful 18 year old. That’s long before most of this generation’s parents had even met! The energy was the same, the fashion was a bit different, we didn’t have the same technology, but the strive for PBs and qualification was just as it is today.

PBs falling faster than a Lego tower. That’s how I would describe it. There were a LOT of personal bests achieved this weekend.

What an exciting weekend of whistles, cheering, chanting, and of course, racing. I have been so impressed by the fortitude and determination shown by these kids. Some may not have achieved those PBs, but they’ve picked themselves up and got on with focussing on the next race. I’ve seen the littlest kids, supported and cheered on by the bigger kids, some of whom are swimming here for the last time as Juniors.

A good number of kids qualified for DIV IIs and that’s exciting. Ready to take on the next level, that fantastic world of National swim events is calling.

The dad sitting in front of me at the Harlequins Event in Auckland, from the Bay of Islands Club wins the “loudest and most passionate supporter” award. We need more like you!

I also heard that PBs were falling all across the country, in Rotorua, Wellington and Timaru – well done you little superstars, you’ve earned that extra helping of ice cream.

The future of NZ Swimming is in good hands, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Lauren Harrod

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