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Finis - Evo Monofin

NZ$99.00 NZ$49.50

The Evo is the first and only short-blade monofin designed to teach swimmers an efficient dolphin kick, build muscle memory, and create perfect body position in the water. We achieved our goal of designing a monofin that supports a natural dolphin kick...

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Finis - Foil Monofin

NZ$119.00 NZ$59.50

The Foil Monofin teaches the Full Body Motion developed and made popular by Coach Bob Gillett. The Full Body Motion utilizes the entire body to create a powerful and undulating dolphin kick through the water. The Foil Monofin promotes an equal use...

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Finis - Competitor Monofin

NZ$899.00 NZ$449.50

The Competitor Monofin is made up of a durable rubber foot pocket and a hand-tapered, fiberglass blade. The tapered blade provides maximum speeds in the water, up to 3.3 meters/second, and creates a whip-like action at the end of each kick. The...

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