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Body Glide

Body Glide - Chamois Balm 42g


Chamois Glide® balm is never wet. It has no oils, messy lanolin or petroleum. It has natural plant waxes to protect against rubbing that causes saddle sores. Used for road, race, mountain biking, BMX, cyclo-cross, touring, and triathlon. - Not...

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HUUB - Sport LUUB - Triathlon Lube - 66gm


HUUB Sport LUUB is a multi-use, anti-chaffing triathlon wetsuit and tri-suit lube or balm to prevent and relieve chafed, chapped and cracked skin. The HUUB Sport lube also helps prevent hot spots and rubbing. A simple 66g roll on stick to ‘Shield...

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Personal Event First Aid and Emergency Kit


The ideal First Aid Kit for your back pack it contains the most frequently used plaster and dressing materials. Packed in a smooth, coated fabric bag with belt clip. Contents: -1x PVC Bag, 13.5x9.5x6.5cm, 1x Triangular Bandage, 1x Elastic Bandage, 1x...

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Run Guard

RunGuard - Natural Anti Chafe Stick - 40.0g


RunGuard Natural is used to prevent chafing and abrasion during long runs, extended workouts or any activity in inclement weather where chafing is more likely to occur. RunGuard is typically applied where rubbing occurs most: Underarms, inner thighs,...

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Run Guard

RunGuard - Nip Guard - 10 Pairs


Perfect protection against painful nipple chafing and abrasion. NipGuards® were designed and patented (by marathon runners) as a foolproof solution to prevent nipple chafing and abrasion without the need for reapplication during a workout and...

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SwimSeal - Protective Ear Drops- 7.5ml


SwimSeal ear drops are a unique preventive solution that has been developed by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to create a waterproof coating in the ear canal. These drops help to prevent painful ears that are common as a result of...

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