HUUB - Vision Swim Goggle - Blue


Vision by name and vision by nature. We wanted the softest, most comfortable, and most vision for a goggle. Created with those new to open water or those seeking the comfort of all-round visibility in mind.  Soft silicone frame and gasket deliver a...

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Arena - Sprint Goggle - Blue-Clear-Pink

NZ$31.50 NZ$20.00

Keep your focus on your swimming with our essential watertight goggle. We designed Sprint with hard polycarbonate lenses for excellent clarity and peripheral vision underwater. The soft silicone split strap is a cinch to adjust even while you're wearing...

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HUUB - Altair Prescription Lens


Left and right specific lenses - SOLD SEPARATELY - $24 each We all know the saying ‘kill two birds with one stone’, the new Altair prescription does just this... Huub wanted to make their fantastic interchangeable goggle even better... So,...

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HUUB - Anti Fog Spray


Replaces rubbed and worn away anti-fog coating with a simple squirt. Key Features:- Anti-Fog spray for hard and soft lens swimming goggles.- Lightweight small portable canister.- Helps prevent fogging and misting.

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