Prescription Googles and Lenses


HUUB - Altair Swim Goggle - Prescription Lens

NZ$24.00 NZ$18.00

Left and right specific lenses - SOLD SEPARATELY - $24 eachWe all know the saying ‘kill two birds with one stone’, the new Altair prescription does just this...Huub wanted to make their fantastic interchangeable goggle even better... So, they made the...

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Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere - Eagle Optical Individual Lens

NZ$25.00 NZ$18.75

To be used on with the Eagle goggles only. These are sold individually and will fit either left or right of the Eagle goggle.Interchangeable lenses for custom corrective vision. Utilizing a unique construction of a one-piece silicone skirt and nose...

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HUUB - Altair Swim Goggle - Black

NZ$99.90 NZ$74.93

If you were looking for one set of adaptable goggles with interchangeable lenses, that’s exactly what Huub created. The world’s only goggles with three different lenses, designed to give you razor sharp vision in different light conditions...

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