AON Short Course Champs 2020

Posted by Lauren Harrod on 13th Oct 2020

AON Short Course Champs 2020

How good was it to get racing again?

The NZ Short Course Champs held last week in Hamilton and the Auckland Invitational Short Course in Auckland really highlighted how much we’ve all missed the atmosphere of competition. Whilst it was a great shame more Auckland clubs didn’t/couldn’t journey south for the final few days, it was fantastic all the same.

I tried to keep up with the tumbling records, but I simply couldn’t. Record after record, Age Group, Open, Para…they just kept falling! It was quite something to be a part of that success.

Congratulations to every swimmer who swam a PB, grabbed a spot on the podium or picked off a record. You are all champions!

We were thrilled once again, to be open to provide all the swimmers needed at our Teamline poolside shop. There were a couple of emergency, ‘I need a new race suit, I’ve just put a hole/tear/rip in mine!’ panicked calls, and how good did those Official Merchandise tops look?

I need to add a massive congratulations to the Swimming New Zealand team for putting on an incredibly successful, polished and well run event. It was not an easy run into this one – far from it, but they got the job done with smiles and the steadfast nature of theirs. Thanks also to all the officials; all volunteers who freely give of their time, often for little reward. We see you and we appreciate all you do.

It’s a short turn around before we head back to Waterworld on Thursday for Secondary School Champs, this time with all regions there, I can’t wait.


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